Harvey Rayner:

Pattern Designer | Web Artist and Developer

Like many digital artists I have a keen fascination with the nuts and bolts that comprise the tools I use to make art. Before I started to use a computer to make art and design, I used geometry to derive my forms and often became preoccupied with the geometry and related mathematics for its own sake. Inevitably as soon as I started to experiment with a graphics suite and show my work online, I wanted to understand how the software and websites I used were put together. For me, the medium and the form are one thing.

Portfolio Home
Main Web Projects
Seamless pattern design resource
2008 - current
Digital art derived from geometric meter
1994 - 2008
Meditation guides and question and answer
2012 - current
Ergonomic Meditation Cushions
2012 - current
Pattern & Palette 4
A seamless pattern sourcebook
2009 - 2010
Liquid bubble insulated eco greenhouse
2004 - 2005
SVG Logo
My winning design for the SVG logo contest
Art Gallery CMS
CMS for artists and gallery owners
2010 - In progress