Art from geometry: geometry from art

All the utilities listed here are works in progress. I'm including them in their most current iterations so expect things to break. Be wary of pushing sliders too far to the right! They are the tools I continue to develop to explore a particular geometric object. The occasional visually intriguing and output from these experiments forms the basis of the art I make. Emerging new possibilities I see evolving in the art informs my intuitions in how to continue to explore this geometry in code and mathematics.

I have about 20 of these utilities I will be periodically adding during March 2021

Quasi Lamellar 2021


This utility is used to explore the emergent wave interference patterns that appear from superimposing 2D quasicrystals. These quasicrystal are constructed using protofield primitives so there similar to quasicrystals that have undergone a inverse transformation.

A more advanced version of this utility was used to create this video.

Proto field engine 2020


Animation utility that visualizes continuous offset harmonics. Fields are displayed as translucent layers that rotate and fade out progressively. Intriguing motions are revealed that are reminiscent of switching circuits or maybe cell division.

Quasicrystal (Collapse harmonics) 2019


This type of quasicrystal has become a secondary primitive in my work. In themselves they are very complex and intriguing, but I'm increasingly combining these crystals to reveal further emergent wave interference patterns. Each crystal here however is a single structure and I'm using factor collapse harmonics to determine the frequency at each source.

A more advanced version of this utility was used to create this video of crystal @(72).

Root factor harmonics 2019


This relatively simple utility visualizes factor collapse harmonics in the contexts of square root(N) progression. I've also made a tentative attempt to create a corresponding audio harmonic for smaller values using the wave API. However, although I love electronic music, I am now sound artist.


Proto Field Constuction 101


Factor Collapse harmonics 2017


Page and animation utility explaining the harmonic (factor collapsing) algorithm I use in other utilities to reveal symmetries and structures.

This video shows the progressive growth of quasicrystals using these factor collapse harmonics. Primes by definition have no factors so the corresponding crystals are very uniform.

Lamellar Constuction 2021