Harvey Rayner:

Scientific and Eco Systems Illustrator

If there is a common theme in my work it might be a bent for finding clear, simple and beautiful visual language and solutions to represent and navigate through complex systems. The testing and trials I conducted with my own eco building technology project and the work I have done using mathematics and geometry to derive art, has given me a respect for the level of rigour required to make good science. Representing scientific theory visually likewise requires the same degree of clarity and methodical attention to detail.

Technical Illustration
Bubble Insulated Mobile Eco Tent
eco_build1 eco_build3 eco_build6
eco_build2 eco_build4 eco_build7
eco_build5 eco_build8
I created this complex conceptualised illustration for a display shown at a green technology conference. The project represented is a mobile version of a project I designed and built in my back garden. It was the first solar building in the UK to utilising liquid bubble insulation, dynamic liquid cooling and low-grade solar energy collection technologies. Read more about this project at www.solarbubblebuild.com
More Concept Sketches for Eco Tent Project
eco_tent desert_greenhouse deltoidal_icositetrahedron
geodasic_roof2 geodasic_roof
tensile_skin_roof siphonic_cooling_roof bubble_generator
Illustrating Geometric Systems in Digital Art
geometric_art2 infinity_geometry geometric_art1
3d_optical_art_from_mathes arithmethic_art root_spiral
Moonleap Ergonomic Meditation Cushions