Photon's Dream 2022

Algorithmic generator Gallery Thesis Features and rarity

Latest iteration of submission 2022

In physics a photon is a quantum of light. Because it travels at the speed-of-light, time and space as we understand it do not exist for this elementary particle. The Big Bang was an instant ago for the photon and yet it has already traversed the cosmos. Time and space to it is what? It's hard to say. The word non-dual comes to mind.

Some components in Photon’s Dream look like images from an electron microscope. Other parts have a more cosmic or planetary vista. Juxtaposing both creates tension and intrigue where the boundary between fine texture and grand architecture becomes blurred.


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Shapes of Manjushri. Dropping late 2022 / 2023

Work in progress - (Next up after Photon's Dream). The original motif and structural underpinning for Shapes of Manjushri was born over 10 years ago. At the time I felt a generative approach was the best way to develop the concept, but back then I couldn't see how a large generative series could be realised and the context of NFTs was obviously still not even a dream. In the last year I've started to build out a generative Manjushri engine that uses a very strict adherence to geometric grammar and patterning principles I developed in my work in the early 00s.

Chakra 2021

Algorithmic generator Gallery

This project evolved into Photon's Dream above and was never published. It contained some interesting outputs, but I could never find the quality density I was looking for.

Waveform artifacts 2022

Waveformist poetry :: Cyber Zen cypher :: Quasi-generative calligraphy :: Ancient color collection

A collection of semi-generative waveform art experiments and poetry