Photon's Dream: eXtra X-ray NFTs

An Artblocks mint derivitive output

The X-ray variants use the original ArtBlocks mint hash to generate a new variant that reveals the quasicrystal waveforms underpinning Photon’s Dream. This is like looking through to the skeleton of the composition hence the name. Also shown on the outputs are critical parameters that define these geometric waveforms. These metrics could be seen as an augmentation to the ArtBlocks features.

How to get one

Remaining X-rays will go on sale on the 15th July for 0.2ETH. Photon’s Dream mint holders will be able to make an offer for the corresponding X-ray for 0.1ETH and I will accept. Other than that it is first come first serve

Photon’s Dream AB mint holders will always get the first chance to buy any subsequent companion mints and any companion series is guaranteed to be significantly different from prior series. The concept is to augment the series and help stimulate engagement, intrigue and artistic depth.